Veronica Granatiero excelled in the demanding role of Amina, which Bellini wrote for Giuditta Pasta. The audience appreciated her beautiful timbre, her delicate pianissimo, her tender coloratura, and her wide dynamic range.

Il giornale della Musica 

Veronica Granatiero as Amina revealed a voice that was a perfect fit for the character, and proved to be endowed with solid technical command. Ms Granatiero also showed great stage presence, combined with the use of expressive and sensitive phrasing.


Although agility and the upper register are not Veronica Granatiero’s strongest points, the former being rather smooth but certainly not pyrotechnic, and the latter being slightly strained, her beautiful vocal tone together with her genuine expressiveness indeed counteract all the other limits.

What strikes the most is her ability to differentiate, using phrasing, the feelings of a character that is always on the verge of a genuine emotional transparency. Her lovingly consternated tone in “Elvino…E me tu lasci senza un tenero addio” later finds its way into the hypnotic afflatus of the first sleepwalking scene, with well-controlled piano and pianissimo. The ultimate expression of these qualities was the execution of “Ah non credea mirarti”, characterised by a legato technique, a delicate vocal emission and an emotional participation that are rare to find – I would say – even in better-known performers.