However, Veronica Granatiero is by far the undisputed queen of the evening. I would have never expected such an extraordinary voice from such a young singer, extraordinary not only for the intrinsic beauty of her timbre, but especially because of her perfect control of vocal emission and intonation also in higher and more challenging registers. Her coloratura, small and precious like medieval miniatures, and accurate in every detail, was indeed a spectacular show within the show.

As regards the women, Maria Veronica Granatiero made a very convincing and multifaceted Elena. Endowed with a timbre that is not peculiar, but expressive, she showcases a clear upper register, and refines her style with well- executed staccato and smorzatura, proving to be able to master the role with vocal and stage confidence.

Also very interesting to see and to follow was the future wife Elena played by Maria Veronica Granatiero, who portrays a more linear character, which she nevertheless highlights with vocal flourishes that are very confident, in particular when she floats high pianissimo notes. The timbre of her voice, which is not huge, but controlled with strong technique, is nonetheless pleasant and at times recalls that of Natalie Dessay.

Maria Veronica Granatiero was exemplary in the role of Elena. She never abandoned her tender and expressive voice, maintaining a clean and crystal-clear voice until the end, even in the highest notes. An artist that succeeded in making the vocal effort imperceptible to the audience’s ears, conveying all the tenderness that her character demanded.

Among the singers, one who stands out for her refined taste in singing, correct messa di voce and well-controlled pianissimo is Veronica Granatiero, Elena. In her interventions, she displays balanced vocal emission, clean sounds and rich harmonics, which complement a pleasant and soft vocal tone.