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Il matrimonio segreto

An enchanting Carolina in Veronica Granatiero, a crystalline and gleaming voice, able to give character to brilliant as well as more languid and pathetic passages, showing not only precise and well-articulated runs and trills, but also polished and suggestive vocals.
Veronica Granatiero excelled in the demanding role of Amina, which Bellini wrote for Giuditta Pasta. The audience appreciated her beautiful timbre, her delicate pianissimo, her tender coloratura, and her wide dynamic range.
However, Veronica Granatiero is by far the undisputed queen of the evening. I would have never expected such an extraordinary voice from such a young singer, extraordinary not only for the intrinsic beauty of her timbre, but especially because of her perfect control of vocal emission and intonation also in higher and more challenging registers. Her coloratura, small and precious like medieval miniatures, and accurate in every detail, was indeed a spectacular show within the show.
La Comtesse, sa maîtresse, apparaît subrepticement, délicatement, en la soprano italienne Veronica Granatiero : « O mi rendi il mio tesoro, O mi lasci almen morir ». Elle fait briller son timbre translucide par la mélancolie depuis la porte entrebâillée contre laquelle elle se retient, dans un rai interstitiel de lumière. Le timbre est chargé d’émotion, rendant palpable le drame de l’abandon et de l’humiliation. Les aigus sont lumineux, avec ce que la lumière peut avoir de pénétrant. Les reprises pianissimi dans l’aigu sont creusées dans le silence intérieur de l’artiste.
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